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Powder Hair-Lightener "Elea Professional COLOUR & CARE" gives professional bleaching results in discoloration or bleaching of natural or colored hair. It is suitable for making strands or complete bleaching of hair up to 6 tones. The pack contains a special hair conditioner with Sunflower extract and UV protection that gives 30% more long-lasting and shiny colors.

How To Use :
Preparation of hair bleaching powder:
We put the contents of the bag in a bowl and add the oxide content to it, then stir well until the contents dissolve and become like a paste. We start carefully distributing it on all parts of the hair with a brush from top to bottom, leaving it on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes, then washing it well with lukewarm water. Opens hair from 4 to 6 degrees

Ingredients :
Pack contains: Elea powder
1 sachet of bleaching powder 25 g
1 bottle oxidizer 70 ml
1 sachet with Balsam with Sunflower extract and UV-protection 15 ml
1 pair of gloves
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