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This tint used to color lips and cheeks. It generally stays on the lips and cheeks due to its high pigmentation . It gives natural long lasting look.

How to Use : Here are a few simple tips to maximize your Lip & Cheek Tint routine:
Layer Under Lipstick
Not feeling a lip tint kind of day? Use it as a lip primer under your lipstick. You’ll double your lip moisturization, and intensify your lipstick color.
Give a Little Gloss
Loving the glossy lip trend? Try pairing the lip tints with Gemmed Lip Gloss, for an all new shade of ultra exclusive lip gloss. The lip tints provide the color, while the gloss gives a reflective shine infused with real crushed gemstones.
Go Bare with Blush
Going with a no-makeup look, but feeling like skin could still use a pop of lively color? Simulate a natural flush with a single swipe of cheek tint on each cheek, straight into bare skin. Unless powder blushes, this cream blush formula replicates the texture of fresh, dewy skin. The barely-there tint will look like a rush of blood to your cheeks for a youthful, flattering first-blush effect.

Ingredients : Aqua / Beetroot Powder / Vitamin E / Essential oils / Aloe vera Gel
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