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Lip & Cheek tints offer a natural look and generally stay on longer than lipstick by leaving a stain of color on the lips and cheeks. The finish is just enough to give a natural, tinted look

How to Use: Lip & Cheek Tints glide onto both lips and cheeks like creamy butter. To use it as a lip tint, simply apply a little with your finger and swipe the product directly onto your lips. Lightly dab clean fingers over the tint, to diffuse the butter for even coverage. For a more refined look, you can even apply with a lip brush by swiping it across the formula, then tracing onto lips. Repeat applications to build up color, for a more vibrant look.

How to Use: To add a bit of tint to your cheeks, stroke fingers across the formula and blend onto cheeks with clean fingers. Your fingers are the best tool for melting the product into your skin, so don’t forget to blend! To add a warm flush to cheeks, swipe once across the apple of each cheek. Finish again by immediately blending with clean fingers.

Ingredients : Shea Butter / Beetroot Powder / Bees Wax / Vitamin E / Essential Oils
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