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Enliven your skin with the gentle and yet potent Garnier Micellar Water Cleanser and Daily Make-up Remover. Formulated for individuals with sensitive skin, this all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover can also be used by people with other skin types. An easy-to-use alternative to cleansing wipes, the Micellar water instantly removes makeup and impurities in no time. Fragrance-free and imbued with powerful cleansing agents that work like magnets, its revolutionary no-rinse formula also reduces redness and irritation caused by scrubbing.

Skin-friendly Formula
Certified as safe following rigorous ophthalmologic and dermatologic testing, this skin-friendly cleanser is easy on your eyes and skin. While ridding your skin of impurities and damage caused by artificial agents, this cleanser does no damage to your skin.

Complete Skincare
Apart from cleansing your skin, it also soothes and hydrates your skin to ensure that it remains vibrant. With its replenishing formula and additional benefits, this Garnier cleanser provides complete skincare and is a necessary part of your skincare routine.

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