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Bakuchiol: The first natural effective alternative to Retinol for Acne-prone skin, regulates sebum production, Inhibits the activity of bacteria and fungi in active acne , and prevents the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Saw Palmetto Extract: has sebum regulating effect and treat acne by blocking formation of DHT & inhibiting its binding to the androgenic receptors Silver Citrate: prevent bacterial growth through its anti-bacterial effect. Salicylic Acid: Has Keratolytic effect removes excessive oil and dead skin cells from pores. Niacineamide: has anti-inflammatory effect and lightening effect Hexylresorcinol: Inhibit melanin production so has lightening effect, also has antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects. Allantoin: Has Skin Healing properties, helps in wound healing and decrease skin irritation. VIT E: Anti-Oxidant and emollient Reduced number and severity of active acne breakouts, Lighter post acne marks Relieved pain and redness, skin regains its natural balanced moisturized feel .
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