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Arnica Montana is a flower with a potent cosmoceutical properties, nourishes skin and provides strong calming sensation due to its content of anti-oxidants, it also has a restorative and revitalizing properties that enhances the skin health and protects it from environmental factors, the formula is combined with horse chestnut extract that works synergistically with the Arnica Montana extract to calm and sooth the pain from the bruise, regenerates the tissue, and protects the newly formed skin cells. Contains 2 effective ingredients: Arnica Montana flower extract: Possess calming and soothing properties Inhibits the inflammation reaction Has Anti- Oxidant effect Controls the Edema Repair and regenerate tissues Horse chestnut extract: Anti-Edema Repairs and preserves the structure of veins’ walls Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Suitable for athletes Use on surgical sutures Use for calming insects bites Relief pain and edema accelerates the bruise healing time Protects the newly generated tissue all Skin types
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