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Regenerative Treatment for Mature Skin with violet leaves, rose, and fennel essential oil.
Formulated with rare luxurious oils to improve surface appearance for skin that has begun to show signs of aging.
This 100% natural non-greasy formula hydrates by regulating and balancing the natural oil in your skin.
The regenerative properties of the botanical plant and essential oil blend help to liven dull complexions, combat irritation, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Skin type: mature, dry
Directions: Apply twice daily after cleansing with fingertips or cotton swab, and gently massage into the delicate area around eyes, face, and neck until absorbed.
Hydrating Weekly Treatment: Apply to clean face and neck. Fill the sink with hot water. Steam face over the sink for 5 minutes by holding head above the sink and covering with a towel to trap steam under a towel.
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