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Professional Lightening Intelligence System provides a long-term comprehensive solution to skin pigmentation abnormalities. It combines 5 complimentary active ingredients that target and regulate the key causes of dark spots, age spots and UV spots. The Lightening Intelligence System works on clearing the skin from already formed spots and protects from the formation of new ones through its triple mechanism. This triple mechanism will result in a dramatic decrease in pigmentation and an overall improvement in skin tone & clarity. Restricting Tyrosinase activity; which is the enzyme responsible for the stimulation of Melanin synthesis. Inhibiting Melanin migration from Melanocytes to the Keratinocytes. Anti-oxidant properties provide long-term skin protection from free radicals and UV radiation thus reducing age spots. Multi-corrective tone perfecting cream that combines 5 complimentary ingredients; together they target and regulate Melanin production, clear away dead skin and support the unveiling of even-toned skin.
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