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Neutrogena Deep Clean Gel Wash


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Features of Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Facial Cleanser
You can put your best face forward.
We’re coming for you, Acne! Oil-free formula cleanses pores and removes dead surface skin.
Provides Radiant Skin
Removes Makeup with ease
Silicone & Oil Free
Developed with dermatologists
Skin looks fresher and healthier, feels smoother and softer.
Benefits of Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Facial Cleanser
The Neutrogena Deep Clean gel cleanses deep down into the pores - dissolving dirt, oil and make-up.
It then removes dead surface skin that can make your complexion dry, rough and dull.
Finally it rinses clean, without leaving any pore-clogging residue.

Step 1: Apply to a wet face.
Step 2: Gently massage avoiding contact with the eyes and rinse.